Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Ready for the Elmwood Festival-of-the-Arts!

While I have been making it a policy to publish here, only finished pieces, I will make an exception with this post.
I have been getting ready for a couple of upcoming events that I will be participating in; "The Elmwood Festival of-the-Arts" held August 28th & 29th, where I will be located at site 33, between West Ferry St. and Breckenridge St. on the west side of Elmwood Avenue. Also, on September 18th & 19th I will be at the "Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival" (in full Scottish kilt dress!!) this festival is located in Olcott, NY

I will be unveiling a completely new line of mugs & tankards at the Elmwood festival, partially inspired by my tree friend show here to the left, but also inspired by a number of other "Celtic" flavored works in popular culture. Perhaps my next post will provide a "Sneak-Peek" at these exciting creations!!

“Tree-Weird Mugs and Tankards”

Hewn from the hearts of the rare Clayple trees found only deep in the Enchanted Forests of the British Isles, these “Tree-Weird” creations have been known to live centuries long when undisturbed. These bizarre, amazing & magical creatures prefer to spend most of their natural lives in deep slumber, and if disturbed, tend toward being angry and bellicose to u short-lived folk. When awake, they are “wild-of-heart” and should be approached with great caution! The young saplings, when harvested, often have not matured enough to have opened their eyes, and many are too shy to yet show their faces.

Keeping these mystical creatures satisfied & happy is easy though, just keep them filled with cool earthy beverages, home brewed beers and ales seem to work best, but coffee and teas are also beverages that they will savor. Be careful not to let loose their ire by leaving them unfilled for too long, as heartwoods, unfulfilled can be very temperamental! Follow these instructions and these one-of-a-kind magical creatures will give you a lifetime of trouble-free service.

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