Sunday, November 22, 2009

The "Wheel" Deal! ...or, "What's this all about?"

As I prepare to launch a new career as an "artistic" potter, I thought I better try my hand at advertising my wares.

Although I have never been one for self-promotion I thought that in all fairness to myself, I should try and promote what I am doing in the hopes that I will eventually be able to make a living, and have some fun along the way doing this.

I first tried pottery when I was in the Navy as a hobby and soon realized that I had a real talent for doing this style, which I developed on my own back in the early 1980's. Many of those early pieces still exist in homes around the country and here in Western New York where I am based. However, life, career and family commitments took me away from this art form for over twenty-five years, but after making an unplanned, although not unexpected career change in August 2009, I decided to follow my heart and take a "leap-of-faith" and pursue dream.
This is still the "pre-launch" phase of the business as I am trying to build inventory and plan the business before I "launch" my business and start selling. If you notice a bit of mildly "salty" language and nautical phrases, it is probably due to my early career in the Navy as an Electronics Technician aboard the USS BOSTON (SSN-703) as a Reactor Operator. However, I decided not to continue in that career and became an IT professional 25 years or so, despite the fact that I found it unsatisfactory and unrewarding, it paid the bills as they say. Sorry for digressing, but I thought you might like some background about me in the hopes that you will be inspired to purchase these items, when I finally open my doors (figuratively) for business! Please feel free to comment!