Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the Season! ...or is it Clay? ...The Shape of Things to Come.

Here we are, nearly a week before Christmas, and I'm working away at creating some more of my "children in clay" or my "other" family as I sometimes say to myself. While I am still building an inventory, at least some of these "kiddies" are finding homes through donations to various worthy causes. My problem is that I put so much work into each one, it is very much like letting a child go, hoping it finds a good home. Today I put faces on another three future mugs and a bowl, not shown in this post, since they are just clay at this stage, but interesting personalities nonetheless.

One of my recent favorites is "Cigar Guy", shown here. He was a bit of an experiment both in under-glazing, glazing, and heavy jowls and to get that heavy jowled look, since I had never attempted to create so much hanging skin over the eyes and cheeks. I wanted also, to make it look like a lit, half-burnt cigar was hanging from his lips. Part of the challenge was getting the cigar ash and ember just right. The interesting thing about glazing, is that you just don't know what it might look like when it comes out of the kiln!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The "Wheel" Deal! ...or, "What's this all about?"

As I prepare to launch a new career as an "artistic" potter, I thought I better try my hand at advertising my wares.

Although I have never been one for self-promotion I thought that in all fairness to myself, I should try and promote what I am doing in the hopes that I will eventually be able to make a living, and have some fun along the way doing this.

I first tried pottery when I was in the Navy as a hobby and soon realized that I had a real talent for doing this style, which I developed on my own back in the early 1980's. Many of those early pieces still exist in homes around the country and here in Western New York where I am based. However, life, career and family commitments took me away from this art form for over twenty-five years, but after making an unplanned, although not unexpected career change in August 2009, I decided to follow my heart and take a "leap-of-faith" and pursue dream.
This is still the "pre-launch" phase of the business as I am trying to build inventory and plan the business before I "launch" my business and start selling. If you notice a bit of mildly "salty" language and nautical phrases, it is probably due to my early career in the Navy as an Electronics Technician aboard the USS BOSTON (SSN-703) as a Reactor Operator. However, I decided not to continue in that career and became an IT professional 25 years or so, despite the fact that I found it unsatisfactory and unrewarding, it paid the bills as they say. Sorry for digressing, but I thought you might like some background about me in the hopes that you will be inspired to purchase these items, when I finally open my doors (figuratively) for business! Please feel free to comment!